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You Should Not Throw Away Your Neck Gaiter

Runners made neck gaiters popular during the pandemic. Initially, studies came out that wearing neck gaiters can put you at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. People even said that wearing neck gaiters is worse than not wearing a mask.

It turns out that the bad news about neck gaiters is inaccurate. Such news could convince people to stop wearing their masks. This could result in the quicker and wider spread of the coronavirus. Experts reiterate that wearing masks is a vital way to slow down and even stop the spread of COVID-19.

Neck gaiters, like other types of masks, can be made of various fabrics. Some neck gaiters are thin and some are thick. Gaiters may prove effective in protecting yourself and others from the virus, depending on how it’s used and the situation itself.

While it’s true that we still have to learn a lot about COVID-19 transmission and masks, it is still crucial that wearing masks like neck gaiters filter out most of the viral particles and protect the individual wearing them.

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