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More people suffering from mental disorders such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and phobias can possibly confront their condition with the use of virtual reality therapy or VR therapy.

VR therapy is now an option for patients suffering from paranoia. The program aims to make patients feel more secure in public without leaving their homes physically. Any patient could easily get on a crowded train or enter a store packed with patrons. Yet, even if the patient only meets virtual strangers, the tasks are still extremely exhausting and usually overwhelming. Even if they do things in VR that they would not have attempted to do in real life, they learn to get over their issues gradually.

According to the experts who oversee the program, patients would eventually find it easy to go on outings after a certain period. Scientists have been developing the VR therapy system since the 90s for patients to eliminate phobias.

Experts are still working on using VR programs to treat other problems such as eating disorders, addiction, stroke, depression, pain from surgery, and immobility.

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