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USGS Earthquakes for Kids

Teachers and parents alike, even those who are home schooling are seeking a way to effectively and accurately teach about earthquakes and earthquake history. One way is by the use of the little known site and software that is offered by the USGS, the sole entity responsible for measuring and keeping track of earthquakes around the globe.

Teachers of earth science at any grade level will find a well-organized collection of teaching resources at Earthquakes for Kids.

The organization’s goal is to reduce the hazards presented by earthquakes by providing information to the public. This information is geared toward teachers in order that they may make excellent use of this to help them to spreak the important messages.  The educational materials provide teachers with several potential entry points into the study of earthquakes.


The site features an eye-catching animated homepage with a dozen subtopics.

Teachers can choose from several possible approaches to expanding student knowledge about earthquakes. The resources include a variety of tools for teacher-direction lessons, as well as possibilities for independent student work.

Get your kids onto the USGS site and help them to gain the insights they need into earthquakes and earth science.


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