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The Science of Saving Lives

Scientists Create an At Home Test for Science with Results in 10 Minutes

A cost effective and non-invasive test has been created to help patients determine faster if they have cancer. With a single drop of saliva, the test can accurately determine if there is cancer in the body. This can help patients without any other warning signs obtain an early result so they can begin therapy and potentially increase their chance of survival.

Currently in the clinical testing stage with lung cancer patients this year, the test is planned to be available in the United States within the next two years, with Britain also considered for testing in the next decade.

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New 10-minute test for cancer developed by scientists

A 10-minute cancer test which can be taken at home using just a drop of saliva is being developed by scientists.

David Wong, a professor of oncology at California State University says it is possible to detect tumour DNA when is it circulating in bodily fluids – an approach known as a liquid biopsy.

The saliva test is 100 per cent accurate and is so simple that it could be carried out at a pharmacist, the dentist or even in the privacy of someone’s own home if they were concerned, he said.

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