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The Onset of Parkinson’s Disease May Happen Before Birth

Those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease before 50 years old, may have already been born with diseased cells in their brains. These cells were just unrecognized for years, based on the research performed by Cedars-Sinai. The study yielded a duh that just might help in reversing the disease.

During the study, the team of researchers produced stem cells referred to as iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells, which are extracted from the brain cells of those with young-onset Parkinson’s. They do this by taking adult blood cells back to their embryonic stage.

The researchers used their iPSCs to manufacture dopamine neurons in ever patient. They then cultured the stem cells and studied the function of each neuron.

The study team also used iPSC to test several drugs that could correct the abnormalities they were able to see. PEP005 has been approved by the US FDA for treating skin precancers. The drug was able to decrease the high alpha-synuclein levels in lab mice and dopamine neurons in vitro.

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