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Keystone Virus has now infected a teen in Florida. The said the teenaged patient is the first human to be infected by this virus, which has mosquitoes as its vector.

In August of 2016, the teen developed rashes and fever. He was then brought to one of North Central Florida’s urgent care clinics. Doctors thought that he was infected by Zika because his infection came out when there was a Zika outbreak in Florida. The test results for Zika were negative.

It was only by chance that researchers from UF (University of Florida) detected the Keystone Virus from the samples obtained from the teen. In 1964, the Keystone Virus was first detected in animals. It is alarming to find out that the virus has already found its way to humans.

Researchers added that there could be more undiagnosed cased of the Keystone Virus. Symptoms may be mild for now. Yet, there is a possibility that the virus could bring forth more serious symptoms such as brain infections or encephalitis.

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