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Stem Cells Benefit Chronic Stroke Patients


Investigators at Stanford University School of Medicine have established that adult stem cells can help restore motor function in chronic stroke patients. As you know, a chronic stroke is triggered by a disrupted flow of oxygenated blood in the brain. This results in inflammation and brain tissue damage, which tends to expand unless it is halted or slowed down. Mesenchymal stem cells, harvested from the bone marrow, are the building blocks of tendon, bone, muscle, and fat tissues. They cause no issues when used during clinical trials.

During surgery, SB623 cells are injected into the periphery of the area, damaged by stroke. The extent of damage varies from one patient to another. Despite preclinical studies that show stem cells disappear completely after two months, patients continued to show improvements in their mobility up to a year after the procedure. Nothing abnormal was observed. Only temporary headaches and transient nausea were experienced by patients. Motor function returns to chronic stroke patients who received the stem cells. With further study and trials, more chronic stroke patients will be able to achieve mobility again.


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