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Snow Storm Visible from Outer Space

Scott Kelly has captured a unique image from the International Space station on Saturday morning. The astronaut found and posted an image of the massive blizzard that is devastating the United States right now. Where normally bright areas of light are seen from space, the lights are dim and a thick cloud is covering our country.

This isn’t the first set of photos shared by Kelly Either. Over the next year, he’ll be working in the Space Station and will continue to share the incredible photographs that he finds with those of us on Earth.

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Massive blizzard seen from space

(CNN)The best view of the blizzard has to be from outer space.

American astronaut Scott Kelly captured images of the massive storm affecting a quarter of the United States’ population from the International Space Station Saturday morning.

In one of the photos, Kelly pointed out that the huge system moving from Chicago toward the east “clearly has a long way to go.”

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