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Did Science Solve the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?


One of the mysteries of the Atlantic Ocean is the Bermuda Triangle. This is a section of water that is notorious for claiming aircrafts, ships, and other vessels. Located near Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Miami, there have been wild speculations from black holes to UFOs and more.

But Norway’s Artic University may have provided a more realistic answer to the mystery. A team of researchers have found craters that were formed by methane gas sediments in the sea. These sections would leak and pop up. This would cause gas explosions. This heat and gas could cause damage to vessels, while explain the mysterious lights that people have claimed to see over the waters. This is a far cry from the proposed parallel universes and other paranormal activity that was once believed to take place here.

Additional details about these findings will be released by the European Geosciences Union this coming April. This will touch on what the gas blowouts could do and what kind of danger they could present in the future for those traveling the area in the future.

While those interested in a good mystery might not appreciate the new information, the revelations could save lives. Since the methane theory gives new insight into what is happening, those who are traveling in the area now know that they aren’t up against an urban legend. Instead, there is actual science behind the mysterious Bermuda triangle.

That means we are another step closer at solving one of the many things that still fascinate us with mystery, thanks to science.

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