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Science Museum Takes Unique Look at Racial Differences

Racial differences are brought up frequently in hot topic debates. So when The Science Museum of Minnesota opted to open an exhibit entitled, “Race: Are we so different?” It sparked a great deal of interest. The exhibit explores racial differences with interactive components, along with graphics, maps and even a 10 minute presentation.

This includes a look at only the faces of different ethnicities against a white background. Beneath each is how each individual sees themselves and there is information about their ethnic background. The exhibit that will remain for at least two years further explores differences in the scientific, historical, and social backgrounds of each of View the Original Post here:

Science Museum exhibit tackles racial differences

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” speech asked that society judge others not by the color of their skin but the content of their character. The Science Museum of Minnesota is tackling that issue from a scientific standpoint with an exhibit called “RACE: Are we so different?”

The exhibit answers that question using a 10-minute play, maps and graphics and plenty of hands on, interactive components.

In one corner of the Race exhibit, there are two rows of photographic portraits. They’re shots of people’s faces from the neck up, on a white background.

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