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Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine

Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine

Known as Sputnik-V, Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine still lacks complete testing. Even so, it may be the first to help the general public in fighting this pandemic.

Last August 11, Vladimir Putin announced the existence of the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine. He also said that doctors and teachers will be the first ones to be inoculated. The vaccine was named after the very first artificial satellite. It has only been tested on a small group of individuals. Despite the announcement, data about Sputnik-V’s efficacy and safety is still unknown. Scientists still need to complete the last phase of clinical tests to see if it truly works.

Despite the lack of information about this vaccine, Sputnik-V has already been submitted to the health ministry for its registration. Putin declared that the vaccine provides stable immunity and is effective in fighting COVID-19. Experts say that this declaration of victory may be premature because the last phase of testing for the vaccine has not even started yet.

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