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Pirate Bones under Scotland Schoolyard?

Recently scientists found what they believe to be the bones of an ancient buccaneer under a schoolyard in Scotland. They say that the person buried there is quite likely a criminal and probably a pirate since the skeleton dates to the 16th century.

The original story, published by Live Science, can be found here:

Buccaneer Bones: Possible Pirate Skeleton Found Under Scotland Schoolyard

Dead men tell no tales, but scientists can still learn much about them from their bones.

Archaeologists recently determined that a skeleton found buried on a primary school’s property in Edinburgh, Scotland, dates back to the 16th century and likely was that of a criminal. Given the school’s proximity to the historic Newhaven harbor, experts suspect that the man may have been killed as a pirate and been displayed as a warning to others who flew the Jolly Roger flag.

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