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NASA Recommending a Space Cleanup


Space Junk Causing Havoc

Recently space trash entered the Earth’s atmosphere and made a fiery entrance that caused panic. Charles Bolden from NASA believes that there is a potential for more dangerous debris to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. When it does, it could have devastating results since it can reach speeds of 17,500 MPH.

Bolden believes that it is critical we begin to clean up the debris of nonfunctional spacecraft, mission debris, and other items that could come down on Earth. With over 500,000 pieces out there, the sooner we begin cleaning up these items, the less likely something detrimental might happen.

Check out NASA’s article below to see why …

NASA chief: Time to clean up all that space junk

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden warns that too little is being done to remove debris from space, an issue that has drawn plenty of attention this week after an unknown object made a fiery entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

Speaking Thursday at the Council on Foreign Relations, Bolden said more countries need to step up to the plate and put funding into efforts to clean up space – which is crowded with all sorts of objects, from nonfunctional spacecraft, abandoned launch vehicle stages, mission-related debris and fragmentation debris – all traveling at 17,500 mph.

The Original Story, as seen on Fox News reads. . .

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