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Moon Mining May Not Be That Far Away

Mining of the Moon, it Could Happen!

This week, the U.S. Congress passed an interesting piece of legislature. This bill allows American companies to mine minerals and other substances from space.

It is truly history in the making and it proves that the exploitation of celestial bodies is just around the corner. This bill will enable the companies to own and sell any material acquired from celestial bodies such as the moon or asteroids.

It may seem like something out of a Science Fiction movie, but it’s not. This is a real step forward and there are already companies (such as Planetary Resources) that are planning to make the most of this opportunity.

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Space mining just got a big boost.

The U.S. Congress’ passage of a bill that allows American companies to own and sell materials they extract from the moon, asteroids or other celestial bodies should help spur the development of off-Earth mining, representatives of the nascent industry say.

“It sets up a firm foundation for the next phase of our business,” said Chris Lewicki, president and chief engineer of Planetary Resources, which plans to mine water and metals from near-Earth asteroids. [Asteroid Mining: Planetary Resources’ Plan in Pictures]



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