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Mind Control: No Longer Science Fiction

The ability to control people and objects through a person’s mind is one step closer to actually happening. In Gainesville, Florida a team of students showed off their unique device and controlled some drones with the power of their mind. This required a black headset with sensors on it to be wrapped around their head.

While it might seem surprising, it doesn’t completely blow the mind of scientists. For decades, scientists have noted that brainwaves do exists, and thanks to the advancement of technology, science can do more with those waves.
In a sense, the brainwaves become the core computer for a system and this allows a person to do more. While the race was done to showcase the devices, these units are far from being simple toys. The truth is that at $500 each they are designed to be assistance technology. With them, those who are paralyzed and need additional assistance can use them. This includes prosthetic limbs that could help a once paralyzed individual to walk again, through this technology.

The goal of the recent event was to also spark the interest in students on campus, so the increased popularity could generate more computer science students who can help to further the advancement of this technology.

In the future, there are plans to be able to do so much more with this technology too. With the power of the internet of things, you’ll be able to think about turning off the lights at home, starting the engine to your vehicle, and even ensure that certain tasks are done with the power of your brainwaves. Even driving safety can be improved with devices that prevent those exhausted or under the influence from starting their vehicle. This can then have a positive impact on every community.

The future of mind control is very exciting.

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