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Organ rejection is common in patients who have undergone organ transplant surgery. Many patients who receive organs to save their lives do not stop worrying about their health. When they receive the organs they need, another ordeal begins. Their bodies should accept the organ so that they could live full lives again.

Alongside receiving organ transplants is the ordeal of making that transplant last in the recipient’s body. Drugs help make this possible, but over time, the same drugs expose the body to kidney damage, Type 2 diabetes, infections, and cancer. Apart from these conditions, the body also experiences various side effects. This just proves that the potent drugs are not sure remedies for organ rejection.

To make the organ last in the recipient’s body, there are many possible options involved such as the following:
• Supplying the needed organ along with the donor’s stem cells
• Providing the required organ and the donor’s immune B cells
• Giving the organ plus the donor’s dying cells
• Getting the organ and spurring the recipient’s bone marrow

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