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Is the Black Knight Satellite a Melting Pot of Conspiracy Theories?

On March 21, 2017, Mail Online published a story of an alien satellite that had been established at least 12,000 years ago to keep an eye on humans had been shot down by Illuminati’s elite soldiers. This was a claim made by UFO hunters. What was called the Black Knight satellite is real.
For 120 years, conspiracists have always believed that the Black Knight’s existence was documented. It is an intriguing legend that just doesn’t want to disappear.
The earliest findings associated with the theory of the Black Knight satellite were radio signals. Then, in 1998, several images surfaced. These photos were said to have been taken during the first mission of the Space Shuttle to the ISS (International Space Station)—STS-88.
Presently, people still use Tesla discoveries to substantiate the Black Knight claims. They even included Jorgen Hals’ work involving his transmitted signals that echoed back moments later. Yet, in 1973, Duncan Lunan wrote an article published in Spaceflight that an alien space probe possibly sent the long-delayed echoes.

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