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Is Science Sexist?


Sexism and Science: The Results are Shocking

While most of us view science as impartial and fair, the industry itself has recently come under fire. The problem is that qualified women are being overlooked because of their gender. A reflection of this is for the Noble prizes awarded in chemistry, medicine, and physics since 1901. During that time only 17 women have been awarded this prestigious honor. In turn, 565 men have won the prize. Granted, this is better than the Nobel Prize for Mathematics where the first win by a woman didn’t take place until 2014. In order to help further expand science, it’s critical research teams put away their gender bias and welcome more females onto their teams.

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Science Has a Woman Problem

Astronomer Geoff Marcy is the public face of planet hunters. He and his team are famous for discovering thousands of extrasolar planets. In the realm of science, he is just about as big a deal as there is.

Recently, though, Marcy has also become the face of sexism in science. It turns out that between 2001 and 2010, he repeatedly violated the University of California’s sexual harassment policy.

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