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Is it Too Late to Reduce Carbon Emissions?


Is it Too Late to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

Conservative estimates predict that with a global temperature increase of just 2°C, sea levels could rise by 25 meters within the next 100 years. If global warming were to reach a peak which causes the Antarctic ice sheets to melt, global sea levels will rise by almost 60 meters, submerging the habitat of more than 1 billion people on earth. While we generally look at climate change, global warming, and sea level rise in the short term, scientists are warning that we should cast our gaze much further. Carbon Dioxide emissions have reached such high volumes, that the effects will be felt hundreds of years into the future. That means that the human contribution to global warming will continue to warm the planet for thousands of generations. Scientists from Universities like Harvard and the University of Bern in Switzerland, have noted the moral implications that today’s actions represent. A number of scientists are calling for complete decarbonization in the near future, to reduce the impact on humans and other species in the mid and distant future.

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Window to reduce carbon emissions is small, scientists say

At the rate humans are emitting carbon into the atmosphere, Earth may suffer irreparable damage that could last tens of thousands of years, according to a new analysis published this week.

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