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Hot Water Freezes More Quickly Than Cold Water

A glass bead experiment proved that hot water can sometimes freeze more quickly than cold water. Evidently, physics has an even more complicated side to it when it comes to chilling. The findings establish that a hot object tends to cool within a shorter period than one that is just warm. When the warmer object is chilled, it cools faster than a cooler object.

This is called the Mpemba effect, which is the counterintuitive observation that sometimes, hot water freezes more quickly than cold water. To remove the complications of the study, the scientists used glass beads that mimicked water.

The glass bead experiment was controlled and clean. Researchers measured the length of time it took for the glass beads to cool and reach the temperature of their water. There were conditions in which the beads started as hot. These beads cooled down more quickly than the cooler glass beads. There were even times when the cooling process was exponential.

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