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Global Warming – The Arctic in Danger

Global warming has remained one of the major concerns for countries and the situation might be worsening.

According to the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, or CAMS, from the UN, warm seasons in the world have been brought forth in the arctic.

Conventionally, warmer weather conditions are usually noticed in the months of July and August but this year, the changes have arisen within the month of June. This prompted further investigations by the scientific community.

The World Meteorological Society has been alarmed at the unusual occurrence, which may be linked to the melting of Greenland. Based on the imaging from the Sentinel 3 satellite, melt ponds have been spotted in Greenland, which is a sign of rising temperature.

Carbon emissions remain one of the biggest culprits that contribute to the global warming issue while countries continue to come up with green initiatives.

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