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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients have always been told that special diets could treat their symptoms. Though evidence is scarce about the effectiveness of these diets, a new study has just recently yielded positive results.

It shows that cutting calorie intake two times in one week can change the immune system. It can also change the gut microbiome and ultimately, the course of the ailment. It is difficult for anyone to cut calories drastically, but considering the degree of suffering, it can be worth the effort.

MS is an illness that betrays you. Your own immune system attacks your nervous system. Signs and symptoms vary because their manifestation depends on which nerves become damaged.

With fasting, the symptoms can be treated gradually. It changes the patient’s microbe community in your intestines (gut microbiome). These microorganisms help us digest food and synthesize nutrients such as amino acids. The changes in your gut microbiome could change your immune system as well. Fasting could very well be an additional treatment for MS, once fully established in the clinical setting.

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