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“Extinct” Tree Frog Discovered Indian Jungle

In 1870, a group of explorers located a rare tree frog that hides in the trunks of trees. Since that time, the secretive creatures have managed to evade scientists for over a century. The Frankixalus jerdonii has since turned up in several areas, now that scientists know what to look for. This brings up another interesting question, with these frogs in front of us in many forests across Asia, does that mean there are potentially other incredible species for us to discover, and are some long believed extinct animals still waiting to be discovered by us in their natural habitat?

The Original Story:

Scientists ID New Tree Frog Genus Long Thought Extinct

NEW DELHI  — For more than a century, two mysterious tree frog specimens collected by a British naturalist in 1870 and housed at the Natural History Museum in London were assumed to be part of a vanished species, never again found in the wild. Until now.

A group of scientists, led by renowned Indian biologist Sathyabhama Das Biju, has rediscovered the frogs and also identified them as part of a new genus — one step higher than a species on the taxonomic ranking. Not only have they found the frogs in abundance in northeast Indian jungles, they believe they could also be living across a wide swathe of Asia from China to Thailand.

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