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Is It the End for the Black Rhino?


Due to the relentless onslaught of hunters and poachers, the world’s last remaining black rhinos are now on the brink of extinction. Now researchers have warned that in order to save these incredible creatures, new dramatic conservation measures need to be adopted. Not only are the rhinos at risk in terms of hunters and poachers, but with such a small population remaining, their genetic diversity has been significantly restricted. This, researchers believe, is going to have a serious impact in terms of evolution, meaning that black rhinos, as a species, may not be able to evolve adequately enough to cope with an ever-changing environment.

Researchers now believe that it is time for a comprehensive DNA testing program to begin, as this will allow them to identify which rhino populations should get priority in terms of conservation for the sake of expanding genetic diversity. Meanwhile, the demand for rhino horn in China continues to grow, and poachers are keen to take advantage of steadily increasing prices.

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