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A study performed in Italy has found out that powdered crickets used in making breads may have harmful bacterial spores. This is a major setback for the known nutritious bread. Scientists have already established that edible insects such as crickets are high in nutrition. Eating them is better for the environment because it only takes a small space and very little resources to raise them. The flavor of the resulting cricket bread depends on the species of crickets used in baking it. Generally, crickets give the bread a nutty flavor.

Commercial powdered crickets are added to wheat flour to make bread. Researchers say that the breads made with commercial powdered crickets contain bacterial spores. A bacterial spore is the dormant stage of some bacteria. These spores may spoil the cricket breads or make consumers sick. Some experts say that by subjecting the commercial powdered crickets to gamma radiation, the spores may be eradicated.

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