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(Video) Climate Change – Why is Schwarzenegger so upset?

Do you believe in global warming?

Don’t get me wrong here, I am absolutely for clean energy solutions for many, many reasons … but I’m not sure global warming is one of them.

Let me explain.

In a past life as a statistics teacher I’d have to tell you, I would think if global climate change was happening, it would be happening in my state as well.

So I set out with a class assignment (several times) to figure out if the answer was yes or no … because secretly I really wanted to know.  It was quite a bit of their total grade, so most took it seriously.

State climatological data from the beginning of recorded history to the present was provided and the question was simple … using the statistical concepts taught this year, prove to me if global warming is happening or not, at least in our area.

Then after the class projects were turned in, graded but not yet handed back … I provided the “answer” in front of the entire classroom.

For the first half of the discussion, I showed graphs, charts and statistically correct data that provided the answer “yes” global warming is definitely happening in our state, therefore one can conclude it is happening about the globe.  Sighs occurred for about half the class indicating they had not given that answer.

For the second half of the discussion, I showed similar data, all statistically correct that provided the answer “no” global warming is definitely not happening in our state, therefore one can conclude it is also not happening around the globe since we are in fact, a part of that globe.  Sighs occurred for the other half of the class for obvious reasons.

In the end, anyone who proved their theory using solid statistical analysis received a very generous grade.

Moral of the story … statistics can prove what ever you want if you know how to manipulate the data.  And for that reason, I have to ask where Arnold gets his data about climate change before I sign on.

But the video is quite interesting (if for no other reason than Arnold is taking a stand) …

So we provide it for your review on Science Happenings.  Enjoy!