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Chicxulub Crater may Hold the Answers to Life


The world of science thinks that the Chicxulub crater may hold the answers to life. Scientists hope that what  they are looking for is there and they hope that by drilling into this crater caused by the asteroid impact that they will find them. The impact is held responsible for all of the devastation and for the actual death of the dinosaurs.  Scientists hope that they can find out  how life bounced back after the devastation caused on Earth by the asteroid’s impact.

66 million years ago an asteroid hit the earch and wiped out the dinosaurs and according to scientists, nearly all life on the planet.   It was believed to be about a billion times stronger than the Hiroshima atomic bomb and wiped out most of life on the planet.The killer asteroid left a crater that has already given us a few clues as to how it rearranged the world and it has told us how nearly every living thing died. Now we’re going to examine it a lot more closely to see how it has affected the world.

According to Research Professor Sean Gulick of University of Texas Institute for Geophysics “You can assume that at ground zero of this impact we are dealing with a sterile ocean, and over time life renewed itself. We might learn something for the future.”  This is not the first time that data has come from the asteroid crater. That happened recently and was published by several scientific sites. The data sparked the interest prompting this drilling as it “showed how 6-mile-wide asteroid impact changed the physiology of the Gulf of Mexico. The asteroid displaced 48,000 cubic miles of sediment, enough material to fill nearly 17 Lake Superiors,” reports CNN News.

According to Fox News. the remnants of the killer asteroid are near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. There are multiple layers of sediment. Scientists don’t expect to see a lot at first but as time goes by and more layers are drilled into they expect to see different offerings in each layer.

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