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Could We Be Approaching the Origins of Life?


dna-helixChemists in Germany believe they have discovered a way to review the chemicals that gave rise to life on Earth. These are is known as Purines and they contain the building blocks for DNA, RNA, and the metabolism of energy in our cells. RNA is made from adenine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil. While there was a past focus on how chemical reactions likely led to life, there were problems with how guanine and adenine form.  We might be closer but that is a barrier science has yet to overcome.

But it is believed that aminoprimidines are partially responsible for this approach. These are formed when hydrogen cyanide reacts with water. The amines can then react with other compounds and produce other things, with the exception of the purines. But when acid is added to these amines, scientists discovered that could be used to create a single amine that has the ability to react to other matter and create a purine. It is with this process, that scientists believe they can further replicate things and come up with the actual origins of life on the planet. It’ll be interesting to see what this team of scientists comes up with in the future.


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