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An Anti-Friction Material

Friction is an amazing natural force that prevents us from falling onto the ground as we walk or keep pages from a book apart as we flip through them.

However, the exact mechanics behind friction has stumped scientists for over 100 years since it cannot be objectively examined as the force purely relates to how 2 atoms interact with each other.

A team of scientists have theorized a possibility of an anti-friction material through the stick-slip solution. The concept can be related to the interlocking of egg cartons, the perfect size will ensure a firm lock while mismatched pieces will cause a slip.

Scientists have finetuned a trailblazing method to ensure that ridges and cups of the cartons will never meet, achieving an extreme slipperiness known as structural superlubricity.

A team from North Carolina State University in Raleigh continues to unlock the possibilities of an anti-friction product.

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