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Advanced Geostationary Weather Satellite


On the 19th of November, NASA launched the first of an advanced geostationary weather satellite series that will help the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in gathering more timely and accurate watches, warnings, and forecasts. This satellite will allow for life-saving warnings and weather forecasts.

It will take two weeks to reach it’s destination in orbit. Once it reaches its destination it will be renamed to GOES-16 from GOES-R, but it will still take nearly a year to reach its fully operational capabilities.

The satellite has six new instruments which include the very first, completely operational, lightning mapper in orbit and truely represents the next generation of weather satellites. With the new lightning mapper, it will allow us to zero in on storms that pose the greatest threat to us. The satellite will also be able to provide images of the Earth’s oceans and environment as well as it’s weather using 16 different spectral bands.

GOES-16 will also be able to monitor the sun and give us crucial information that will help in the forecasts. In total, GOES-16, once in place, will give us 34 new and improved solar, space, and meteorological weather products.


… and I can’t wait for the new satellite start sending data back. ¬†This is what the current system can already do! …



More info is available at the Nasa website –¬†

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